Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wardrobe Enrichment #1

Fall is here, gentleman, and it's still hot as hell!!! But don't let the out of season weather fool you, one day soon you're gonna leave the house without checking the weather, and it'll be 55 degrees and windy. You don't want that day to come without you having an appropriate jacket to throw on. Even if the temp doesn't drop, a gentleman always wears a jacket at night (Write that down), so your still going to need one. These two, from Marc Jacobs and Burberry, will be sure to set you apart from the pack. They work well with everything, and you'll be making a statement all fall long. The Marc Jacobs coat, (on the bottom) is on sale now at Hurry while it lasts. More than likely, your friends cant tell when something is from last season anyway. It'll be our secret. The Burberry boy is still exclusive, so if exclusivity what you're after, he's the natural choice.

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