Sunday, September 30, 2007

So I'm Writing a Movie

These days it seems like anybody can get a script turned to a movie (Good Luck Chuck!?!). Think about it, Crash was named Best Picture at the Oscars two years ago. A two and a half hour story about why prejudice is sometimes warranted, but usually awful with ugly ramifications. Way to go, Paul Haggis! Once I realized this I said to myself, Fred, you’re a halfway college educated guy. Got ideas spewing out of every hole and shit, why not you? It was at this moment when I called on my trusty pal Vermis, and said Vermis; I'm writing our story and selling it for a handsome fee! It’s the story of a group of college guys who are at a crossroad in life everyone must reach at one point. The "Oh shit, I'm gonna be 25 one day soon, How will I support myself and my spending habit?" crossroad. What makes our story unique enough for the silver screen is the fact that we live like a colored version of that hit HBO show (you’re not getting my advertisement!) in a world where nobody else does anything close to it. We have literally spent the last four years being the entertainment. An on campus entourage (eh fuck it it’s a damn good show) so to speak. The movie will be called Slaggers (Pronounced Slaggas) and will be completed by mid December. All suitors are welcome to leave a post.

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