Monday, October 8, 2007

Video/Song of the Week

Ce Ce Peniston, Keep on Walkin'.

This is so good, it's worthy of a two for one!

Impress Your Friends With These

They may not be for everyone, but they complement the right outfit perfectly, and people will be staring at your feet all day long. I suggest a light colored top (heather grayish) with a pair of crisp medium blue jeans. Available right now at

Sunday, October 7, 2007

I Get Money!!!

Rapper Lil' Wayne recently claimed in Rolling Stone magazine that he does guest appearances on songs for 100K. He also added that he wouldn't take less than 75 from his own sister. Probably true, but then you have to ask the question, why are you skipping court dates and catching fugitive charges? Inmates can't ball!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Juts for You, Yankees and Cubs fans.

Insect plagues and managers over thinking situations got you down? Too bad. Just remember one thing:

Be on The Lookout

For Perks and Mini. A clothing company based out of AustraliaThis is already one of the best logo's you'll ever see, and it appears on many of their t-shirts and sweatshirts. Still very exclusive and hard to find (Sold out all over the net) so if you see it, jump on it.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Women We Love

Rosario Dawson

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. Perfect bone structure, beautiful smooth skin. A stunning woman whom we all should take time to stop and appreciate.

Classic Album of The Week

Raekwon featuring Ghostface Killah, Only Built For Cuban Linx...

These guys really took storytelling through using skits and movie samples to a new level with this one. 13 years later it still sound as fresh as it did the first time I heard it.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Brand On The Run

Be on the lookout for Penfield USA clothing company this autumn/winter. They offer a bevy of stylish coats, jackets, and vests to choose from, starting at around $125. The autumn/winter '08 line will be available pretty soon, and I'll be sure to have the link available when it is, no thanks needed.

Enough is Enough

The other day friend of mine was at a bar, and he saw some innocent guy having a nice conversation with a pretty young lady. The positive body language (hair flips, legs pointed in each others direction) indicated they were mutually enjoying each others company. Apparently, one of the guys she was out with didn't appreciate this, and the anger and the drunkenness mixed up resulted in the innocent young man getting a bottle smashed over his head. From what I hear, in many cultures this type of aggressive hoe-saving behavior, is not only normal, not only accepted, but welcomed! Well I say enough is enough, and its time for a change!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Remember When...

We would save up our money and spend $3oo on Throwback jerseys!?!
I still wear my Iceman jersey around the house sometimes. Its kind of like having really expensive play clothes. A friend asked me the other day when I think it might be safe to bring them back out again. I said the only jersey that wouldn't get a raised eyebrow from me is the epic number Big Brother Hov wore in the classic, Girls,Girls,Girls video, Verse #2. Here it is for your viewing enjoyment.

When Good Brands Go Bad

The latest from futura laboratories, and it doesn't look good.

Exactly. But all hope is not lost. It seems like all of the cool clothes go to their sister brand, Futura Heavy Industries. See (and buy if you would like) it all at

Song of the Week

Sybil, Don't Make Me Over

The Legend Continues

King James Hosted SNL this past Saturday, joining the ranks of Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley as NBA'ers to try out their comic stylings on Live T.V. Lebron is a natural, and out-performed them both with the same ease that he out-performs Joe 2-guard with every night during the season. Take a Look at his opening monologue.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Go Get Em', Jake!!!

What happens when you carry a team through 162 games and its not enough? You Carry 'em through 163! Go Get 'em, Jake!

Now That Looks Goooood

Try wearing something under those cardigans other than a T-shirt this fall, fellas. Don't own any yet? Trust me, you will. But set yourself apart from the normals by wearing a nice dress shirt underneath. This dark grey cardigan by Marc "The Man!" Jacobs, works well with either of these blue Ted Baker dress shirts, though the one with stripes may seem like a bit much to some, since the sweater itself already has some flair on it.
The look works well with jeans or a pair of nice, flat front trousers. (More on those coming soon) You can dress it up with a tie, or throw on one of those nice coats from yesterday... See how much better you can look? Its not that hard.